Tortoise ORM

Tortoise ORM is an easy-to-use ORM (Object Relational Mapper) inspired by Django. Tortoise ORM was built with relations in mind and admiration for the excellent and popular Django ORM. It’s engraved in its design that you are working not with just tables, you work with relational data.

Tortoise ORM is a young project and breaking changes are to be expected.


Aerich is a database migrations tool for Tortoise-ORM, which is like alembic for SQLAlchemy, or like Django ORM with its own migration solution.


For this example, I am creating a contact book app that can be used…


This is a short description of the teamwork project named Transportation VR which is created by 3 virtual reality nanodegree students.Firstly I would like to introduce the team members.

  1. Ashfak (Team manager)
  2. Sam olcovic : Passionate VR developer and has some blender experience.
  3. Bilal Tanveer : VR student at udacity with good designing skills.

The final product

Final product

The Journey

The theme given by the udacity VR team was “Change” . Me and my teammates discussed different ideas and finally we made a decision to make an app that demonstrate the change in transportation from ancient to now we planned to create an app…

This short article is to describe the steps and procedures I have taken to complete the virtual reality project named “VR forest safari” .

purpose of this project

Well this project is intended to apply all my learning in term two of the virtual reality nanodegree and to understand about the major virtual reality industries and applications.

Forest safari VR

Lets see the result first

Forest safari VR app is an mobile VR experience developed for the cardboard VR system.It is an experience where the user is able to visit the animals in a virtual forest.

The final product

From this video you can see how the visual , audio ,lights and…

Tilt brush is an awesome designing tool that can be used for making 3D model in a virtual environment.

source : web


This app can be utilized by artist ,designer as well as developer to make an 3D model from scratch . As we know since ages we were using computer monitor for make an 3D model by using difficult tools like the blender and the maya etc.

This article is to describe what I have done in my udacity VR project the puzzler . By reading this short article you can see how a developer is making well designed app. I am not saying I an good designer , I hope I have done my best.

purpose of this project

well the puzzler project is mainly intended to learn about the key aspect and design principle of Virtual reality experience.


Lets see the result first

The puzzler project is an mobile VR experience developed for the cardboard VR system . It is just a experience where the user is made to solve an puzzle to escape…

Ashfak TM

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